About Us

We specialize in HAND ENGRAVING and have more than 20 years experience in the field .

We give you a very personalized service by coming to you and sitting face to face to discuss and design what you need engraved .

The fact that WE COME TO YOU to engrave at your home or work premises saves you time , fuel , wear and tear on your vehicle and aggravation looking for engravers .

The engraving gets done at your convenience and in the comfort of your surroundings and you will have peace of mind that the items will not be swooped out or tampered with .

We are able to engrave on most:

materials eg: Wood , Titanium , Glass , Stainless Steel , Gold , Brass etc. ,

surfaces eg: Flat , Round , Hollow , inside or outside rings and bangles etc. and

products eg: Computers , Car windows , Stethoscopes , Culinary Knives , Guns , Torches , Trophies and Medals , Key Rings , Perfume Bottles , Champagne Bottles , Wooden Hangers , Jewelry etc.

We are also not limited to fonts types or symbols eg: Chinese , Hebrew , Indian , Russian , Hearts , Infinity symbol etc.

We cater to both the individual or corporate client(s) .

If requested we can also provide Machine and Laser engraving , Sandblasting etc.

Because we are MOBILE you can book us to do events and promotions eg: Sports events , Wine and Perfume promotions etc.
Bookings are essential .

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